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The Valam Member profile is a tiny glimpse into the lives of our members. It is meant as a short profile and a bit of fun for community members to get to know each other better. Please fill the spaces you can be as humorous or serious as you like.

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    Here are some of comments we’ve received so far

    Few years back Sri Dineshbhai Purohit had wisely suggested in Valam Sandesh, that rather than every one going to the house of persons who had expired those who are very close relations should go the house, comfort their family, help organise work, give the family time to get to terms with the sad event that has occured. We know that the whole community is a large family and every one feels for everyone else. It is very difficult to adjust. The present Committee should think and come out with a suggestion that we follow a similar ways the other community follow like offering their respect or paying their homage in a hall like Saaddi. Normally this type of topic are discussed but is not put forward. With love and respect to all my Community members. Incidently, today is the first time, I tried the web site and it is very immpresive. I extend my heartiest CONGRATULATIONS to one and all those who have worked towards it.
    Sukdevbhai Gor, Finchley, London, UK

    My first impression: An Absolute Thrill. I like the idea presented by Bhagwatprasad Purohit. In addition, if occupation is also included, may be that the community can utilise the skills from within. Plus, its sad that there is no Archive to refer to with regards to the past issues. Some could be outdated such as forthcoming events but other links will continue to be relevant such as ‘Success Stories’. Avoid discarding old material when and if updating, Archive it! Until the site achieves lots of Hits, for someone like me viewing the site for the first time, it would be nice to refer to your past achievements. Once again, thanks for the info and … keep up the good work.
    Bhasmank Kanuprasad Shankerlal Mehta, London, UK

    Bhaskerbhai, Congratulations, on work well done to produce this website. Thank You to all who were involved in creating this site.
    Mukund N. Gor, Croydon, London, UK

    We need a Valam Phone Directory on this site, very useful for Valam members leaving outside UK. Also how often will this site be updated, we are very eager to view the xmas photos. Many Thanks for the site.
    Pinakin B. Purohit, San Jose, USA

    It would be great if all or most the communication and correspondence is via email, if a email for members can be compiled and shared within community, it may prove to be the excellent and effecient method of keeping in touch, this would apply to our Valam’s Globally. Mihir you and your team has done a fantastic job on this website, Congratulations on succesful launch of this website. I hope the database of members ie directory is available on a web page, and also any updates on news of our community relayed to you can be fed on to our website. Well done Kind Regards
    Dipak Bhagwatprasad Purohit, London, UK

    Hello Team Excellent website – a job well done! The site was extremely fast – well written – good information. Spent 5 minutes and retrieved and absorbed a lot of information. Well Done!!
    Raj Vyas, London, UK

    My dear Web Team, my heartiest congratulations to you all on this wonderful present to our community. I am thrilled and now we can with great pride say that Valam are no longer living in the past century. Please keep it up and let the motto “Efforts un ending”, be hail high on the community’s flag. There is a lot to be done by all of us to work hard and to prove that by simple living and high thinking we can uplift ourselves to that divinity that is there within ourselves. How about considering listing E mail address’s of those community member with Internet. Thanks once again. Thought of the day , ” O Lord! Make me the instrument of Thy alloted task“.
    Shri Dineshbhai Purohit, London, UK

    We really thank you for your positive feedback.